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If you are looking for a reliable private detective in Oklahoma City, OK, then our agency is the one you need. Welcome to our website! For many years unraveling countless crime cases, Valour Investigations and Protection LLC has been a household name for many people who need assistance with their unique mystery problems.


What services do we provide?

Here, at Valour Investigations and Protection LLC, each of our members offers a variety of services, tailored to meeting the needs of our customers and uncovering any secrets they need revealing. We do private investigations, keep surveillance at any point our clients want, provide close and executive protection, and take electronic countermeasures if necessary. Contact our agency to learn what more we can do for your case.

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Valour Investigations and Protection LLC
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: (405) 233-0137

Our motto is: “Justice for all.”


How do we provide our services?

When it comes to a professional investigative service, you can trust our expert detectives for solving your case in a timely and efficient manner. We will use all of the resources at our disposal to uncover the mystery behind your problems. With an experienced private investigator from our team by your side, we will make sure to expose the main suspects and bring them to justice.


Why/When would you need our services?

Faced with a nagging feeling that your wife has been unfaithful? Worried that an ex is following you? Come by our detective service agency for a thorough discussion with our team, and we will create the ultimate plan for uncovering the truth behind the lies you have been told. We guarantee swift results at a price that fits any reasonable budget.

Thanks to you, I finally got rid of that horrible ex-husband of mine who kept "the dating of my neighbor" secret for too long. I will definitely... Read More Reviews

Contact our private investigation service agency based in Oklahoma City, OK today to schedule your needs with our team and feel free to visit us at a convenient time for you. When you arrive, we will talk through all the important details we need to know, and you can leave the rest to us from that point on. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



  • Private Investigation Services
  • Private Detective Service
  • Process Serving
  • Civil & Criminal Cases Investigation
  • Executive Bodyguard Protection
  • Drug Screening
  • Background Checks
  • DUI Investigation
  • Accident Investigation
  • Expert Witness Testimonial
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Affordable Rates
  • Statewide Services
  • Child Custody
  • GPS tracking
  • Radar

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Valour Investigations and Protection LLC
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: (405) 233-0137

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